Covid guidance

School children admire the view from the Clore Studio at Turner Contemporary, Margate. Photo Ady Kerry
School children admire the view from the Clore Studio at Turner Contemporary, Margate. Photo Ady Kerry

Space for Learning: Covid Secure guidance for museums, galleries, heritage and performing arts sites

These webpages are to help learning services and freelancers understand how to work safely during the Covid-19 pandemic. They aim to provide a practical framework to think about what is needed to continue, or restart, learning services during the Covid-19 pandemic and to support the health and wellbeing of workers and audiences.

You can also download this guidance as a pdf to use offline.

You may find it helpful to start with the checklist of questions and then consult the sections that are relevant to you.

The guidance should be read alongside other relevant Covid-19 guidelines published by HM Government and is intended to supplement advice published by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the Department for Education (DfE), the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and associated bodies such as the National Museums Directors Council and Museums Galleries Scotland.

The guidance was developed by members of the Space for Learning: Covid Secure working group and individual task and finish groups, with support from the Clore Duffield Foundation, Engage, Group for Education in Museums (GEM) and the Theatre Education Forum (TEF).

Members were drawn from learning teams from UK museum, gallery, heritage and performing arts sites. This project builds upon earlier partnerships established in 2015 to develop the original Space for Learning publication and has been expanded to include performing arts sites.

The guidance is correct to the best of our knowledge as of 2 December 2020 and will be updated as new information becomes available.

Please note that all links in this guidance were verified as of 1 October. However, as the world re-opens, change is constant and inevitable. We will endeavour to keep information up to date; but do check back regularly to official advice channels and if you have a query, please contact us on to discuss.

Space for Learning Covid Guidance: Online workshops

We are running three workshops with updates on this guidance and case studies on the 21 January, 18 February and 18 March. Topics to be confirmed. Book free tickets via Eventbrite.