Space for Learning

Using the walls for drawing at the South London Gallery. Photo Zoë Tynan-Campbell

Wall space & display

Walls can be learning spaces too. You can use washable white-board walls (with the correct pens that won’t stain!) or glass walls as a learning wall in sessions, with groups writing and posting ideas and work-in-progress on them.

If you want to use walls to display work, remember to consider issues such as the location of shelves and radiators. Where space is at a premium, consider substituting large wire drying racks with a retractable clothes line: you can hang wet work out to dry on clothes pegs for all to see and enjoy, again adding to the creative feel of the room.

It may be possible to have hooks on which to suspend creative mobiles. Shelves to show interesting objects where possible will always enhance a room. A very useful fitting is a goodsized flat wall screen and ceiling-mounted overhead projector, to show images for a particular session, or to leave on display showing evidence of creative activity as a backdrop for events.

One blank wall in each room is useful to avoid confusing over stimulation for some SEND visitors. See the section on audiences with additional needs for more information.