Space for Learning

Low-cost, light and stackable tables and chairs at Oriel Wrecsam’s Workshop 12, North Wales. February 2015 Oriel Wrecsam


In any busy learning space, the furniture needs to be lightweight so that staff and volunteers can move it about easily. Such furniture is often the least expensive.

Tables and chairs are usually moved around regularly; stackable, easily cleanable furniture is therefore most practical. Chairs, not stools, are required for comfort and safety where mixed ages use the room, although bear in mind for inclusive design that a range of seating options from the same suite of furniture is best.

Chairs for older adults are preferable, with both back and arms for support: these can also be lightweight and stackable. Tables may need to be of different heights. They can be covered with inexpensive, wipeable plastic cloths – not to keep them clean, but rather to avoid a classroom feel and advertise the colourful creative activities available.

If you have room, easels with splayed feet are heavy items that take up space, but can be lined up against each other along a wall where they can add to a creative ambience. These allow for drawing and painting workshops for adolescents and adults. Flatpacked table easels are an alternative, taking less room to store. There may be space to store a mobile trolley to move around from room to room.

See the storage section for detail on storing furniture.